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Handheld pneumatic capping machine

1.Manual pneumatic bottle capping machine including: host, aluminum capping head and Buffer tucked inside.

2. Being widely used in any forms screwed down capping, this plastic beverage bottle capping machine enjoys wide range of capping without limit of height of the bottle.
3. It is an ideal machine and is more suitable for capping of high, large, heavy and strange shape bottle or various size of those caps required to change cap frequently.
4. The adjustable clutch can effectively avoid the damage and reduce the bottle stuffed inside the wear.
5. The plastic beverage bottle capping machine is safe to flammable and explosive liquid bottle.


Parameters of manual pneumatic bottle capping machine


YSFX-Q manual pneumatic bottle capping machine

Capping speed

About 30 bottles /min

Gas pressure


Host weight 

0.6 kg/1.1 kg

gas consumption


The clutch torque is adjustable

Capping scope



Screw cap effect

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