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Expiry date printing machine on plastic bags

== Brief introduction

1, Suitable for all kinds of plastic bags, plastic film, aluminum foil, trademark, box, leather, papers, plastic products, etc. To print date, expiration date, batch number, weight, quantity, price, size, composition, distribution of code area number, etc.

2, Adopts printing ribbon instead of ink printing, printing at any soft package materials with clear character.

3, Unique in word structure, convenient and quick to take a special type of loading and unloading in word structure, can be on any soft packing material code.

4, Clear printing, not easy to erase;Optimal health clean, no ink pollution, is a way of economic health code.

5, Used in: food production date code, lot number code, drugs manufacture date code.
== Parameters



Power supply

 220V 50HZ




 70-120 times/min





Code width




Packing size




== Machine photos
== Printing effect

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