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Spray inkjet coding machine printer

== Introduction

1 Automatic spray inkjet coding machine printer has advanced intelligent operating system, a simple man-machine dialogue mode, make your operation easier.
2.Using the Micro Pump gear Pump imported from overseas, quality assurance.
3.Accord with human body engineering, the light touch keyboard operation, make your operation easier.
4.classic ink road design, update the hardware optimization configuration, greatly improve the stability of the machine.
== Parameters


automatic spray inkjet coding machine printer

Print line

1-3 lines

Fidelity distance                   

25 mm

Max lattice

24 * 24


2000letters/second (5 * 7 single lattice)

Storage information

 10 data storage/input

Edit mode

English, digital, pinyin input, custom edit any lattice pattern.

Control pane

date, time, serial number, frequency, counting, 

in both English and Chinese, graphics, trademarks, etc

Spray print function


positive, inverted square spray print, characters and 

1-9 more wide selection, the line spacing to adjust spray printing,

a variety of hybrid layout, the information delay spray print, 

date format is printed, real time clock is changed automatically, 

font height width adjustment spray print.

Catheter length: 2.3 m (can be set)


additional m code wheel, meter, fiber optic, color standard sensors 

such as accessories, meet the demand of various industries.

Ink consumption


 each 500 ml ink can spray print about 700-700 words. (5 * 7 lattice)


voltage 220 v + 10% for 50 hz/temperature 5 ℃ - 45 ℃

 and maximum humidity of 90%.

== Printing effect

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