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3 in 1 aresol spary filling machine


== Brief introduction

1. This nasal spray filling machine adopts filling capping aerating in one worktable. Only one's operation is enough to complete the aerosol production.


2. Safe and reliable, simple operation and convenient maintenance, small floor area, economical.


3. Suitable for all kinds of medium filling, producing all kinds of aerosol chemical products. Original technical design, saving manpower and time.Alone control filling head, no discharging without cans; Inflatable head adopts oriented type, accurate measurement, high efficiency, low gas consumption.


4. This semi auto filling capping aerosol nasal spray filling machine is widely used in the experimental of family production and chemical laboratory equipment. Include food, medicine, health, automobile, environmental protection, fire and daily chemical products. 

==   Nasal spray filling machine technical parameters


Model YS   semi auto filling capping aerosol nasal spray filling machine
Filling range 20~750ml
Filling accuracy ±1%
Aerating range 20~750ml
Aerating accuracy ±1%
Capacity 300~600 cans/h
Suitable air pressure 0.65~0.8 MPa
Max gas consumption 0.8m2/min
Suitable can height 80~350mm
Suitable can dia 35~65mm
Matched valve 25.4mm
Machine size 1000*590*1590mm
Weight 175kg

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