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large dose weighing filling machine

.Automatic double head filling machine

This filling machine is one of the products designed and developed by our company. The filling method is advanced, easy to operate, accurate measurement and high degree of automation. Only 1-2 people can complete the filling process. For the customer to minimize the production labor cost, has been praised by all users. It is the most ideal filling equipment for open barrel filling, which is widely used in the industry: lube, coating, fertilizer, oil, paint and chemicals. Features: three-speed filling is used when filling, ensuring the accuracy of the measurement, using the drip-proof device, and effectively preventing the occurrence of the material's drawing and dripping. The pressure cap system adopts unique exhaust cover device to solve the problem of "bulging barrel" and "pipe-hammer" of customers in the long run. Ensure the stability and rapidity of the whole production line.


Technical parameters

Filling speed: 180 ~ 220 barrels per hour (20 litres)

Filling accuracy: plus or minus 2 ‰

Bucket: 20 liters of plastic bucket provided by the user

Gas pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.8 Ppa (instrument wind)

Gas consumption: less than 2m3 / h

Power consumption: 4KW AC380V 50HZ

Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ 40 ℃

Operation mode: touch screen operation

Feeding mode: variable frequency gear pump delivery or high tower self-selection (customer selection)

Filling method: electronic weighing type


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