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Portable small eyedrops filling machine

== Product introduction

YSFZH series small quantitative filling machine, is made of electric, crank, piston structure design of the quantitative liquid points installed, applicable to the department of pharmaceutical reparation in hospital, ampoules, eye drops, all kinds of oral liquid, shampoo and various kinds of agent filling the quantitative;
At the same time also can do all kinds of chemical analysis of the test of quantitative liquid continuous and fluid, can be applied to the large, medium, small pesticide factory small liquid repacking, is small doses of quantitative liquid in repacking the ideal equipment.

1, This machine is made of stainless steel manufacturing, innovative and beautiful modeling.

2, The structure is simple, reliable, low malfunction;

3, The cone piston, sealed performance is good, repacking fluid amount accurate, convenient adjustment of fluid volume;

4, Touch of liquid all use activities connected, and easy handling, can be sterilized points note;

5, Cylinder, push rod, the piston use stainless steel materials, corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

6, Continuous adjustable speed, easy to operate.

== Technical parameter

model: YSFZH-10 YSFZH- 20 YSFZH-30 YSFZH-100 YSFZH-250 YSFZH-500
volt: 220 220 220 220 220 220
power: 20 30 30 60 120 120
Filling range 0.2-10ml 5-20ml 5-30ml 10-100ml 30-250ml 50-500ml
accurace: ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±1% ±1 ±1%
weight: 6kg  7kg                7kg                 13kg                 13kg 18kg            
220×230 ×380

== Filling effect

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