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20-50kg granule weighing packing machine


Voltage 380 (V)

Power 2.2 + 1.5 + 1.1 (Kw)

Packing range: 25-50kg

Packaging film width 500 (mm)

Bag size: 500X1000 (mm)

Packaging speed 6 (bags/min)

Weight 500 (kg)

Dimensions 3000X1300X3300 (mm)

Packaging film


The application field of quantitative packaging machine;

Grain, rice, seeds, corn, sesame seed, fertilizer granules, rubber granules, plastic particles, PP particles, inorganic salt, iron and steel, coal, sugar, mining, building materials, construction, ports, metal particles, particles, grease, sugar, food, feed, chemical industry, light industry and other granular material of quantitative packaging (corrosive materials, packing controller adopts stainless steel)

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