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PE film heat shrink packing machine

== Product introduction
Shrink packing machine is suitable for dinnerware, cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and other products of the bundle packaging, meanwhile can also be used for small box, carton, wood, steel, building materials, ceramics, household appliances, computers and other kinds of product packaging.
1.Using quartz farness/stainless steel tube heating mode to heat.
2.The shrink oven adopts the whole sealing type hot wind recursive device, and performs well when it works.
3.Delivery way is drum-type. It is applied to PVC.POF.PP.PE etc heat shrink film, especially suits PE heat shrink film. 
4.The below heat tube adopts drawer design, it is easy to maintain.
== Product parameter
Model  YSBP-5040 YSBP-6040
Shrinking stove size 1800*500*400mm  1800*600*400mm 
Power  380V 18kw 380V 22kw
Carrying capacity 40 kg 40 kg
Conveyor width 465mm 565mm
Machine weight 220Kg  270Kg
Outer dimension 2800×690×1075mm 2800×840×1375mm
The length of outlet 800mm 800mm
The length of entrance 200mm 200mm
== Working effect

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