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Semi automatic bottle shrink packaging machine

== Product introduction
The bottle shrink packaging machine include two parts: semi-auto sleeve wrapper and PE film shrink wrapping machine.
1. The machine is suitable for collective packaging of drinks, beer and mineral water bottles with or without paper support, also suitable for cans, carton, insulation board, in the field of beverage, oil, hardware accessories, building materials, etc.
2. Conveyor part is driven by high power dc motor to facilitate film convey. Its advantage is to step-less speed regulation, so the carrying rate is higher. It could work a longer period steadily.
3. Adopts German advanced technology, elaborating according to European process.Imported converter to achieve to 0-10m/min. Adjustable speed range.
4. Ultra strong cooling system of the semi automatic shrink sleeve machine ensure quick shape formation after heat-shrinking.
5. Electrical units are chosen from international famous brand.
6. Below heating tube part of semi automatic shrink sleeve machine adopts drawer design, easy to maintain.
== Product parameter
Model   YSBL-5038B Model   YSBS-6040
Voltage  220V 50/60HZ Volt 380V 50/60HZ
Power   1.8 KW Power   22 KW
Packing speed 2 - 5 pcs/minute Packing speed 0 -10 m/minute
Loading 30 Kg Tunnel size 1800×600×400 mm
Film width/thickness Max500mm/0.04-0.12mm Loading   50KG
Max packing size 450×270×350 mm    
Min packing size 250×50×60 mm Suitable film  PE、POF、PVC、PP film
Machine size 1020×830×1980 mm Machine size 2800×840×1375 mm
Weight  300kg Weight  270KG
== Working effect

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