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Automatic sleeve shrink packager

== Product introduction
1. Automatic shrink packing machine is suitable for collective packaging  of drinks, beer and mineral water with or without paper support, also suitable for single or collective packaging, in the fields of electric apparatus, hardware accessories,flooring etc. This machine is mainly used in production line.
2. The machine adopts the big touch screen, PLC control system, stable work, and good property. 
== Product parameter
Model YSBL-5040A Model YSBP5040
Voltage 3phase 220V/380V, 50-60HZ Power supply 3phase 220V/380-460V 50-60HZ
Power 3KW Heater power 20KW Adjuster
Capacity 0 - 10pcs/minute Conveyer speed 0-10m/minute
Working air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa Tunnel size(L*W*H) 1500*500*460mm
 of the film
Max. 590mm/0.03 - 0.25mm Conveyer loading 30KGS MAX.
Max. packing 
450*300*350mm Machine size(L*W*H) 2500*820*1680mm
Min. packing 
250*50*100mm Machine weight 470KGS
Machine size(L*W*H) 1,060*1,600*1,930mm Shrink film PE,POF,PVC,PP
== Working effect

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