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Coconut peeling machine

3. Main technical parameters

Applicable range: 120 ~ 230mm

Finished product size: 100 ~ 160mm, adjustable

Peel speed: 6 ~ 10 seconds/(typical value, no coconut time)

Working medium: compressed air filtered by 40 mu m

Work pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7 MPa

Gas consumption: about 50L/min (with pressure 0.5 MPa, 6 times per minute)

Control mode: automatic program control, one key completion

Machine power: 0.8kw

Motor power: 0.75kw

Rated speed: 181 + 10 RPM

Rated torque: 35N · m

The noise sound: 50 or less db (A)

Using the environment: the environment temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃; Relative humidity RH is less than 85%

Power requirements: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50Hz plus or minus 10%

Machine size: 300 x 420 x 885mm (long * wide x height)

Net weight: about 50kg

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