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Characteristics and application areas of packing machine

2016-03-26 17:11

China, as the development of tea culture and tea for we have a very large sense, we have from the ancient weighing bulk tea into tea bags filling up, so not only can protect the tea also difficult to damp and deterioration our convenient store offers this convenience is the tea packaging machine for us, here I give you a brief introduction work characteristics and applications of tea packaging machine.
Tea packing machine work characteristics and application areas and the main basis for his construction and performance of the machine itself, tea bags manually even when the machine is placed on the work of sealing strips and placed under the pressure of the bag strip, tea packaging machine according to work process automatic bag and close a vacuum chamber, a little pressure on the entire packaging process from the vacuum chamber, sealing, printing, return air once completed by the automatic process control electronics, which tea packaging machine vacuum pump performance, low noise, fast food special tea pump, and a vacuum machine shell uses the high quality stainless steel material, so that the whole machine look beautiful, strong and generous, easy maintenance. in addition, walking after opening the vacuum machine is complete, time can flip cover automatic power-off, high degree of automation, saving the security section. It is these advantages make tea packaging machine in a very short time after the listing on the recognition and trust, tea packaging machine has also been correctly applied to many aspects of seeds, medicines, health products, food, etc., to improve the various sectors of production efficiency, enterprise automation package, greatly reduce production costs.
Henan Sheng tea packaging machine is the most cost-effective a device, simple structure distinctive, attractive appearance, packaging function automatically bag, wire feeding, labeling, dosage, filling, sealing, cutting, counting function, and the wide scope of application, during the tea packaging bags specifications can also be quickly and easily adjusted by adjusting the handle replacement.

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