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Capsule filling machine

2016-04-09 17:38

Whether television or the streets for advertising efforts continue to strengthen the capsule, the capsule as a modern pharmaceutical packaging mainstream products, the main purpose is to protect the drug can not be destroyed or to extend shelf life or, to a certain extent control the loss of drugs, waste and reduced efficacy. In order to achieve the initial efficacy of the drug. The main points of the capsule particles appear installed equipment for capsule production and processing equipment.
The development of technology, the accelerated pace of life, people for food as well as medicines and other regulatory requirements increasing. When faced with product quality and yield relationship, create your capsule particles filling machine equipment. To meet market and consumer demand for high-quality health and other drug safety. Therefore, the capsule particles filling machine equipment in the rapid development of science and technology to promote Oh, range currently in use continues to expand.
As we all know, in ancient times, people are sick of the herbal medicine is mainly brewed into water, oral down. To achieve the effect of treatment, long healing period, but this car is relatively high, the effect on the poor, the most important thing is not long-term preservation of the drug, so that now the society is very wide for this rare. If you can not long-term storage of drugs, disease encountered repeated brewed, not in time to disease treatment, it is possible to delay the patient the best therapeutic effect. Therefore, to produce a capsule drug. By the pharmaceutical capsule wrap up a long time to save the drug, patients taking good efficacy, confirmed immediately take good condition. The best time to avoid the treatment of patients. But the traditional capsules and also has a drawback, is the traditional capsule manufacturing process is complicated and slow. Capsule particles filling machine appears to solve these problems, high efficiency, low cost, short production cycle. Thus, the capsule particles filling machine equipment status in the pharmaceutical industry is not impregnable.

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