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Automatic tea bag packing machine

2016-04-19 17:57

With the economic globalization, the demand for machinery development of the times and the market continues to increase, tea packaging machine at an alarming rate of development, smart machinery manufacturers always keep a close eye market trends or the first time to understand the development needs of the market, have launched brands and models of different types of styles of tea packaging machine multifunction device, the major tea producers to adapt to the needs of users or production.
Tea endometrial packaging machine is a new generation of Yu Sheng Machinery recently introduced to the market a new generation of processing electronic weighing tea packing machine series of new products in various sizes, the whole operation is controlled by the PLC program, electronic display screen, simple operation quickly and conveniently. One of tea packaging machine using imported part of the work cylinder, which ensures stable and accurate work.
Tea automatic packaging machine is Yu Sheng latest successful development of endometrial automatic tea bag packaging machine, set automatic bag, bag in one of the new electro-mechanical products, microcomputer control technology, reasonable structure, stable performance and other advantages. Automatic packing machine tea without tea detector and wiggler, as long as a data line and the intima machine dispensing machines can be connected, thus reducing intimal machine malfunctioned. Improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, allowing users to truly experience the charm of science and technology innovation. Suitable for Tieguanyin, seeds and other non-food substances sticky solid particulate material packaging.
Multifunctional tea packaging machine is the result of excellent engineers Yu Sheng professionally well-designed study, with the machine running smoothly, low noise. Small size and light weight. Especially suitable for packing fragile materials. Display packaging weight and number of packages. It can handle a variety of different specifications of bags and products with high operational safety and quality of packaging. It is a good helper tea production and tea shops.

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