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Low prices powder filling machine

2016-04-26 10:51

Packaging equipment in the promotion of science and technology to achieve high-speed pace of development, but consumers always been concerned about the price of the equipment, I do not know what kind of packaging materials, took the starch, milk powder, pepper powder and other materials products, according to consumer demand, which includes the amount of packaging, volume production of different powder packaging machine price is different, the market price of roughly 10,000 -10 tens of thousands of dollars, mainly to see what consumers want packaging materials, concrete production is how much?
Yu Sheng sell powder quantitative packaging machine: powder mass type of equipment is divided into small and medium sized, powder packaging machine prices are also a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. According to the company's own state of development and the strength of manufacturers or size to choose, if it is a home, selection, around 3000-8000 for hundreds of pieces of small processing plants under normal circumstances, that hundreds of thousands of automation equipment for high yield large factories.
Powder on a variety of inexpensive packaging models, such as the common YSDF-B type, YSDF-Bs type, BZ-A-10 type. In general, the model number represents the length of the sealing device is how much, for example, BZ-A-10 type which is able to seal the bag up to 10 cm bag. As for prices, each manufacturer supply powder packaging machine prices are not the same, at least two or three thousand, as many as seven or eight thousand, and even more expensive. Whether manufacturers and users to choose a suitable powder production equipment according to your budget amount.
Powder packaging machine adopts the double helix feeding methods, with high precision, simple operation, easy, easy maintenance, simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean features, faster applies pesticides, veterinary drugs, fertilizers, salt, washing powder, monosodium glutamate, additives, and other small and medium size powder materials quantitative packaging.

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