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Vacuum packing machine

2016-07-14 09:18

Available on the market is divided into the vacuum machine vacuum packaging machine vacuum and inflatable packaging machine two, and vacuum packaging machine can inhibit bacteria and other microorganisms, and the activity can maintain the vegetables and fruits of different colors of fruits and fresh equipment. Life often see those fruits appeared after a long period of storage deterioration oxidation products, such as fragile, crisp, and other perishable foods, the face of this phenomenon, the life of seafood products, meat products, pickles, fruits and vegetables, metal components, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, etc. can be evacuated, inflatable, body packaging. Wherein the vacuum packaging machine is an important part of the inflatable packaging, the main role is to have oxygen function and durability, make long-term effective food to maintain the original shape and nutritional value.
21 century, extremely rich in material and product diversification, product packaging along with the changing social and time and change, to stimulate consumer desire to buy, extend product shelf life, improve value, reduce overhead costs of product manufacturers, and a vacuum packaging machine to solve these problems.

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